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Woodlake Transitional Living

Woodlake Sober Living

When transitioning from our treatment center to  a sober living home or sober living apartment the focus needs to be on you and your recovery. This change does not have to be scary, lonely or isolating and that’s why we are with you every step of the way. We built Woodlake Transitional Living as continuing care for when our clients leave one of our treatment centers. Our clients then become our residents forming a special bond with each other and that fellowship carry’s over into a safe and supportive environment learning to live life on life’s terms.

We Provide Recovery Support

We provide our residents with access to IOP (intensive Outpatient) and individualized treatment plans that change to meet their needs, including coordination with Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center. Through our unique treatment model, Woodlake brings hope to people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction is a chronic disease which centers in the mind. It is progressive and unless treated will usually kill. We use an approach to detox, rehab and transitional living to help our patients on their journey to recovery.

A Sober Living Home that Provides Recovery Support

Staying at a Woodlake sober living home gives you an amazing supportive environment with all these beautiful people who are here for you every day – long lasting friendships in sobriety, people that have gone through what you’re going through and understand you. We give you the skills to thrive. We give you the hope to continue. let Woodlake Transitional Living give you the time to succeed and gain your path back to the larger world. Woodlake Transitional Living is not just a sober living home, we are your home.

Seeking Help from Woodlake Transitional Living

If you or a loved one are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, call us or walk in to our outpatient treatment center located at: Woodlake Transitional Living 10460 Old Hammond Hwy. Baton Rouge, La. 70816 Or you can call: 225-900-8903 We can get you the resources and help you need to start your journey in recovery.
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Mission Statement

Woodlake is a full continuum of care treatment facility, taking individuals from medical detox through transitional living. It is our mission to provide our clients with a supportive and safe environment where they can heal and recover from their addiction.

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    What to Expect from Sober Living

    Your journey towards your recovery starts with admitting that you need help. From there, it’s about finding the right people and the right facility that can provide you with the rehabilitation services that you need. Learn more about what happens when you go through our rehabilitative and recovery services at Woodlake Transitional Living.